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Thank you for volunteering to share your career path with CurioCity!

CurioCity is a free, web-based program that connects Grade 8-12 students and educators with the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) community. CurioCity supports youth development and learning through engaging content that:

  • provides interesting real-world contexts that illustrate the relevance of STEM to everyday life
  • offers diverse engagement opportunities for youth and educators with people who use STEM in their work
  • supports educators with high-quality, classroom-ready, issues-based STEM resources

Most high school students don’t stay in STEM courses beyond those required for graduation. When asked “why?” teens often say that although science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are important to society in general, they believe that these courses are not important to their own future lives.

At Let’s Talk Science, we aim to dispel this misunderstanding. With your assistance, we can showcase the relevance of STEM to teens’ everyday lives. The CurioCity Careers section demonstrates how STEM learning can lead to a wide range of traditional and non-traditional careers. Our vision is to be the first stop for career inspiration!

What’s Involved

To volunteer, please fill out the attached profile, providing your name, career title with a brief description, and answers to a short survey. Keep in mind that you are writing for 13-17 year olds. Try to give a good picture of what a person could expect if they worked in a career like yours, and highlight the relevance of science, technology, engineering and mathematics where possible. To help guide your thinking, as you craft your responses, additional sub-questions have been provided. You do not need to address each sub-question individually. We may suggest edits to your responses for clarity and reading level.

To help personalize your profile, if you can also please provide a photo of yourself (preferrably a photo of yourself in your working environment) & if possible, a photo of yourself as a teen. Both photos should be in .jpg or .png format, be of good resolution (minimum of 800px width) with a file size between 2-10MB. The photo of yourself should be in landscape orientation if at all possible.

How to submit a career profile

OPTION 1: Download the profile questionnaire in .docx format & follow the instructions within it to email your submission back : (.docx)

OPTION 2: Fill in the online form below:

After submitting your profile, please scroll to the top of the page to view the confirmation.