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Andre’s Case is about a fictional character named Andre, a teenage boy with type I diabetes. As students participate in this case study they will explore the science and ethics surrounding diabetes and the future potential of stem cell therapy.

Suggested Timing: 3-6 class periods plus time outside of class

MINDS-ON 1: Introduction to Andre’s Case

In this group of introductory activities, students will become familiar with the fictional story of Andre, a teenage boy with type I diabetes, as well as learn/review information about diabetes.

Suggested Timing: 30-45 minutes

ACTION 1: Stem Cell Science Research

Students will do research to assess two potential methods of using stem cells to treat type 1 diabetes.

Suggested Timing: 45-60 minutes plus time plus time outside of class

ACTION 2: Diabetes Ethics Dilemma

Students will participate in a role-taking activity to explore, in a respectful and thoughtful manner, the ethical issues in Andre’s case by presenting and discussing multiple viewpoints.

Suggested Timing: 45-60 minutes plus time outside of class

CONSOLIDATION: Weighing the Options/Response to Andre

In this group of concluding activities, students will consolidate learning about how stem cells can be used to treat diabetes in the future from both a scientific and ethical perspective using a graphic organizer and presentation.

Suggested Timing: 40-60 minutes plus time outside of class.

Originally posted in 2011

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