NASA Booster Footage

Heather Auld
18 March 2012

Sure, a rocket launch looks cool here from earth, but imagine if you could see it from the rocket itself? This video is a compilation of footage from NASA cameras on shuttle boosters. So cool!

Heather Auld


My name is Heather, and I am a PhD student in the Biology Department at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada where I study how an individual's environment influences their behaviour. Most of my research is done in Trinidad, The West Indies, but I love to travel to all different kinds of ecosystems.

I also work on CurioCity as a Science Editor and to help bring you the most interesting stories and breakthroughs happening in science! I volunteer with Let's Talk Science as an outreach volunteer in Ottawa and rural Ontario. 

I love to observe and photograph the amazing animals and landscapes from around the world. 

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Avatar  s.taylor

Great videos (one of the good things to come out of the Columbia accident were the cameras that were placed all over the shuttle boosters and fuel tank to record potential problems on lift-off that also produced these cool views). It's too bad, though, that the shuttle program itself is history now - the shuttle Discovery is getting delivered to the Smithsonian in April.