Space Lab Contest - Regional winner Sanchin's video application.

Heather Auld
16 August 2012

Sanchin is a regional winner from India for the Space Lab competition (ages 17-18). Watch his application video here. If you don't fully understand all the concepts at first, don't worry - neither did I! Since I wanted to learn more, I looked up some defi

Heather Auld


My name is Heather, and I am a PhD student in the Biology Department at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada where I study how an individual's environment influences their behaviour. Most of my research is done in Trinidad, The West Indies, but I love to travel to all different kinds of ecosystems.

I also work on CurioCity as a Science Editor and to help bring you the most interesting stories and breakthroughs happening in science! I volunteer with Let's Talk Science as an outreach volunteer in Ottawa and rural Ontario. 

I love to observe and photograph the amazing animals and landscapes from around the world. 

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