Industrial Uses of Soybeans: Thinking outside the Tofu Box

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The range of industrial applications of soybeans is amazing, and almost every part of the soybean plant can be used. The table below gives an overview of these industrial uses, organized by component of the soybean plant.

   Soy Component
 Industrial Usage


Animal feed; wood adhesives; filler in rubber and plastics, used in car door seals and floor mats; cosmetics; textiles (spun protein)



Polyurethane foams (replacement for petrochemical ingredients); insulation; lubricants; paints and coatings (urethane); waxes; biodiesel; printing inks; cleaning products; soaps; lotions



Biofuel (cellulosic ethanol, from non-food components of plant); use of soy stalks as a plastic filler is in experimental stages



Coatings such as wood stains (made as a byproduct of oil refining)



Soybean seed coats (hulls) contain an enzyme (peroxidase) that can be used to clean certain contaminants from industrial wastewater (experimental stage).

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