Follow Chris Hadfield on his way to the International Space Station!

Jessica Johnston
18 December 2012

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Here is our archived coverage of the Soyuz launch & ISS docking of Chris Hadfield & his crew's trip into space! We've also embedded video from NASA to illustrate the pivotal moments below.

11:43 - and they're now on the ISS! Congrats Chris Hadfield!

11:37 - official hatch opening at 11:37. They have not entered the station yet.

11:32 - had to restart the timer - 2 minutes! Doing voice checks for the congratulation calls & last pressure checks.

11:30 AM - going to knock on the door!

11:15 am - coverage resumes! They are anticipating they will be opening the door a few minutes early, but still after 11:30

9:31 AM - Soyuz now hooked up & getting power from the ISS

9:18 AM - Hard dock complete. All hooks in place. Things proceeding well (& ahead of schedule!)

9:12 AM - Coverage for the hatch open & opening ceremony will start at 11:15 AM ET, with actual hatch opening at 11:40 AM ET! The stream will continue above during the interim period as they work on link checks and pressure equalization & all the things required in orer to finally open the hatch between the two vehicles.

9:09 AM - contact & capture - docking confirmed for the soyuz at the international space station!

9:08 AM - just 7 meters separating now - getting ready for contact!

9:04 AM - currently only 46 meters separating them, closing at a rate of 1/10th a meter a second.

8:59 AM - The soyuz & the ISS are currently passing over the Mediterranean as they enable final approach

8:52 AM - now we get to see what Soyuz is seeing- the center crosshairs are what will align the soyuz approach for docking!

8:47 AM - watching the Soyuz capsule on it's approach from the ISS right now.

8:45 AM Dec 21st - welcome to our coverage of the ISS docking! Check out the feed above.

9:22 AM - Missed the launch? Catch up with the following video!

7:22 AM - Third stage separation confirmed, all going well, soyuz now in orbit. Congrats to Chris Hadfield & his fellow astronauts on a successful launch! Join us again Friday for coverage of the ISS docking.

7:17 AM - Third stage now lit, second stage separated.

7:15 AM - Boosters & launch towers have now been jettisoned.

7:12 AM - Lift-off! Chris Hadfield is now on his way!

7:08 AM - All onboard systems now over to commander's control. Helmets closed, under 4 minutes now from launch.

7:02 AM - T-minus 10 minutes!

6:49 AM - 23 minutes to launch - the go/no go poll has been finished and we're still on schedule.

6:35 AM - Checks proceeding and launch still set to proceed as scheduled at 7:12 AM ET.

6:13 AM - NASA coverage now showing first footage live from within the capsule as they listen to music & go through their final checkouts.

6 AM Dec 19 - Coverage starts! See the live feed below! (Edit: livestream now removed - see above for recorded video of the launch!)

Canadian Chris Hadfield is heading for the International Space Station this week! While in space, he will participate in a number of projects (including our RADI-N2 citizen science action project) and also spend time as Commander of the ISS!

We here at Let's Talk Science are going to journey with him (virtually) by following his travel into space. Come back to this post & here you will be able to find the live streaming video and coverage for the following events!

December 19, Wednesday

6 a.m. ET - ISS Expedition 34/35 Soyuz TMA-07M Launch Coverage begins (Launch scheduled at 7:12 a.m. ET)

December 21, Friday

8:45 a.m.ET - ISS Expedition 34/35 Soyuz TMA-07M Docking Coverage (Docking scheduled at 9:21 a.m. ET followed by the post-docking news conference from Mission Control in Korolev, Russia) 11:15 a.m. ET - ISS Expedition 34/35 Soyuz TMA-07M Hatch Opening and Welcoming Ceremony (Hatch Opening and Welcoming Ceremony scheduled at 11:45 a.m. ET) - JSC via Korolev, Russia (All Channels)

We will also add other relevant links and information as we find it, and will be livetweeting & posting on Facebook throughout.

So come share with us Chris's journey into the stars.

Jessica Johnston

Jessica Johnston is the Manager for CurioCity & Web Strategy.  She started out in science (biology) before moving to IT, and now works with both! Passionate about promoting the awesome possibilities of both fields, she is also an admitted web geek.

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