First Press Conference with Chris Hadfield from the International Space Station

Jessica Johnston
10 January 2013

Recording of the livestream:

Liveblogging of the event:

12:40 - The event is over - thanks to the CSA, NASA & Commander Hadfield for the fun & informative time! Read down to learn about what Chris talked about today! We'll also post the press conference if NASA adds it to their youtube channel once it's available.

12:39 - Even in space they pipe the NHL games up to Chris - he's a loyal leafs fan (not even the CBC can get him to say Go Habs Go - though the reporter did try!)

12:38 - What has Chris discovered that surprises him? You can still be clumsy in space when you first wake up!

12:37 - Chris yesterday doubled his overall time in space! Congrats Chris!

12:36 - Chris has guitars up there and is playing it - but when asked what songs his experience up there brings to mind, he thinks of Canadian Folk Songs. He's also writing songs up there - might even eventually have enough to create an entire album!

12:30 - How does what Chris is seeing change his impression of the world when he comes back to earth? He thinks that going around the whole world in 90 minutes, with the world just unrolling for you, you see it discretely as one place. We're all in this together.

12:28 - according to Chris Hadfield Canada is not one of the biggest partners, but definitely a significant one. Today has been a Canadian day, with Hadfield working with the CanadARM, and both David St. Jacques & Jeremy Hanson communicating with him from on ground.

12:26 - He really loves being able to share the view of the sky that he has. His favourite photo from the various photos that he has posted is the one in the following tweet

Noctilucent Cloud - rare super high altitude cloud, barely visible from Earth, seen at dawn in the mesosphere from ISS.…

— Chris Hadfield (@Cmdr_Hadfield) January 6, 2013

12:22 - Is @Cmdr_Hadfield surprised at his popularity on twitter? He loves how the technology helps them communicate immediately to the world. He's up to 120k followers now thanks to everything he's been doing!

12:20 - Chris is now on!

12:18 - Astronaut Dr. David Saint-Jacques is handling the earth side! He's seen now!

12:16 - sounds like some connection problems just being sorted out now - Chris should be available shortly!

12:13 - Livestream available above from NASA TV! Starting in 2 minutes! You can also join us on twitter for our following of the feed.

Jessica Johnston

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