Thanks for joining us! See below for the International Space Station section of the downlink in video in the appropriate place within the original live blog, plus some initial photos.

You can also view the recording of the entire broadcast from Shaw at their livestream page.

Or follow our live blog below!

10:20 MDT/12:20 EDT - 10 minutes and counting to the downlink event!

10:30 MDT/12:30 EDT - Robert Thirsk is now being interviewed, talking about how it was for him on the ISS

10:33 MDT/12:33 EDT - Learning about the history of Astronaut Chris Hadfield's career now - an interesting history!

10:35 MDT/12:35 EDT - Bonnie Schmidt now on talking about the project for RADI-N2 & You, the choice of Bert Church, and the importance of science for these students.

10:39 MDT/12:39 EDT - Now we're looking at a video about what Chris Hadfield has been doing on twitter and really bringing people into space with him.

10:42 MDT/12:42 EDT - Lindsay Rous, the RADI-N2 & You Teacher from Bert Church High School, is now talking about her students and their questions!

10:45 MDT/12:45 EDT - Bonnie Schmidt discussing why science is important in our lives and about the project!

Let's Talk Science President Bonnie Schmidt

10:50 MDT/12:50 EDT - Lindsay Rous & her students are now explaining how they were involved in the project and how the downlink came about!

11:02 MDT/1:02 EDT - The principal from Bert Church is now speaking about how they strive for excellence at their school!

11:07 MDT/1:07 EDT -Astronaut Robert Thirsk is now here to introduce Chris Hadfield and give some of his personal knowledge on what life is like on the ISS.

11:12 MDT/1:12 EDT -Astronaut Robert Thirsk sadly did not have the cupola windows in the ISS when he was there - the window that most of Chris Hadfield's great photos were taken out of!

11:17 MDT/1:17 EDT -Astronaut Robert Thirsk did the first of the RADI-N experiments - the first version of the RADI-N2 & You Project!

11:19 MDT/1:19 EDT -Astronaut Robert Thirsk talking about the dangers of being in space - radiation and otherwise!

11:23 MDT/1:23 EDT -Moments away from Chris Hadfield on the ISS!

11:25 MDT/1:25 EDT - And here's Chris!

11:26 MDT/1:26 EDT - Chris is now answering questions from the group of BCHS Students who have been chosen to talk to Chris!

The students from BCHS waiting to talk to Chris!!

11:39 MDT/1:39 EDT - Chris is coming up with some great answers - check us out on twitter to see some of the questions as livetweeted by various watchers!

Watch the entire ISS/Chris Hadfield part of the downlink:

Or watch just this great answer about food in space:

11:45 MDT/1:45 EDT - Chris's downlink is done, but he'll answer the questions that didn't get done through the downlink via the internet.

11:47 MDT/1:47 EDT - Chris's downlink is done, but he'll answer the questions that didn't get done through the downlink via the internet.

11:50 MDT/1:50 EDT - Bob Thirsk is now also answering the last questions & providing more insights, as one of the very few people in the world who have experienced what Chris is experiencing now!

11:53 MDT/1:53 EDT - We're ending up now - Bonnie & Bert Church are doing their final wrapup - and preparing for a proper Bert Church High School sendoff!

We are excited to announce a live video chat with Canadian Space Agency astronaut Chris Hadfield will take place on Monday, March 11. This downlink will be held with the students and teachers of Bert Church High School in Airdrie, Alberta - participants in our CurioCity RADI-N2 & You Action Project with Astronaut Hadfield!

The Downlink Event will occur & be covered here on CurioCity from 10:30-12 MDT (12:30-2:00 EDT). The ISS section of the downlink will occur between 11:25-11:45 MDT (1:25-1:45 EDT).

The ISS section of the downlink will be carried live here on CurioCity, and also available on NASA TV, and the CSA website. We will also have online coverage available & linked here for the entire downlink event courtesy of Shaw. Live coverage will also be airing on Shaw in Alberta, and on Shaw Direct. This post will be regularly updated throughout the event with a live blog & images!

Transcripts of the Q&A, video of the ISS downlink & full video of the downlink event will be made available after the event on CurioCity.

Learn more:

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