Downlink with Chris Hadfield & Prime Minister Harper

Jessica Johnston
15 March 2013

(Photo courtesy of NASA)

You can view the recorded video of the downlink or follow our liveblog below:

Live blog of the downlink:

1:40 PM EDT - we're starting now! There's Commander Hadfield

1:44 PM EDT - Prime Minister is now congratulating Chris about his commander position. Chris has mentioned that he sees all of Canada pass in 10 minutes, and gets to communicate with everyone across the country through the internet, and it's an amazing experience.

1:46 PM EDT - the first question from Emerson is there anything that he fears while up there? Chris only fears not having a plan. He always tries to prepare for it, think about it, and it makes him feel better about it.

1:48 PM EDT - Robbie asked what happens if you get sick in space. You can't catch a cold in space, because there's no one to catch a cold from! However, one of the astronauts is a doctor, and is able to help if anything goes wrong.

1:49 PM EDT - Commander Hadfield is answering the next question explaining how unique & important the ISS is as a laboratory, and how important it is for him to be a role model.

1:50 PM EDT - What does Canada look like from space? Is it different than he expected? Yes, it is. He admits to be surprised by the impact of the size of Canada.

1:52 PM EDT - What countries look great from space? The Bermuda islands, with their incredible water colours and their reefs.

1:54 PM EDT - What advice does he have for aspiring astronauts? 3 Things: 1) Education - not just reading what your'e told to in school, but learning new things, to wanting to learn new things. 2) Take care of your body - you only get one. 3) Make decisions - choose things. You might not at first always make good decisions, but decision making is a skill and you can improve it. These are useful for all skills.

1:56 PM EDT - Is there turbulance in space. nope. Smooth as silk.

1:58 PM EDT - What would it take to get to Mars? We could if we had to but it's very risky. We need more inventions that will make travel to Mars actually safe and doable.

1:58 PM EDT - The most magnificent experience? Spacewalk. Alone inbetween the world on one side and the universe on the other.

2:00 PM EDT - And the downlink is over - a big cheer for Chris as he departs.

Jessica Johnston

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