First press conference with Chris Hadfield as Commander of the ISS

Jessica Johnston
18 March 2013

Liveblogging of the event:

11:35 EDT:Event over. We'll add the recorded video above once it's available!

11:33 EDT:He reads constantly about schoolrooms using the work that he’s doing to teach. The pictures he takes, the experiments he’s doing. Using all these facets to teach, and the oversight of the whole world – allowing people to see it as ‘us’ vs. they’

11:30 EDT:A tremendous amount of people have worked really hard for him to be a representative. This is only the result of that – that this opportunity exists. The public awareness comes from the whole pyramid of work that leads up to this. Enlisted the aid of his son – the right generation – to help him with social media.

11:23 EDT:What would he do if he could bring someone up? First thing would to bring them to the window so they could truly see the earth - the power of it, and the inherent fragility of it. It becomes so vivid in your mind. Then, the science - like the crystalization experiments to make better fabrics on earth, the microflow which will help with blood analysis on earth. Challenging people with a new frontier means they come up with new ideas.

11:18 EDT:What gets him mad & frustrated? The only thing - he has to sleep! His resolution is to get as much as he can out of this - get as little sleep as possible, if he gets an extra 3 minutes just look out the window. You can find beauty and pleasure in every day, or you can find anger & frustration in every day. Being angry is counter-intuitive to where he is.

11:16 EDT:Chris Hadfield now showing off Microflow, fabricated in Canada - Quebec - an advance for health from Canada. For health, and also for innovation in Canada. (learn more:

.@cmdr_hadfield showing off microflow, a Canadian experiment for blood analysis.…

— CurioCity (@xplorecuriocity) March 18, 2013

11:11 EDT:Question from Jackie at the nature of things: How does Chris want to use this opportunity? There are a lot of really interesting things going on in Canada and around the world according to Chris Hadfield, in all different fields. Personally he thinks what we're doing in human exploration, in trying to understand our world better, and the area around the world & the rest of the universe is important. Important for health of the planet, the Canadian ecology, and everyone. For the last 20 years he's been trying to get people to know what the CSA is doing, and living on the station with the privilege of commanding, and with the ability of social media & it's connection to the earth and let the whole world see. The goal is to let the whole world see what they're doing & experience as people.

11:10 EDT: Press conference beginning!

11:03 EDT: The Press Conference begins at 11:10 EDT. Right now you can watch them doing science on the ISS while you wait though!

Thank you for joining us!

Jessica Johnston

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