Marian Stevens - Technical Quality Manager

Marian Stevens

Manager of Technical Quality, BlackBerry

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Marian creates training programs for BlackBerry’s tech support across the globe so they have the right answers when customers have questions.


Marian was key in establishing an international training program for all BlackBerry tech support workers around the world. “Before I came in, the training for tech support teams used to be run separately at each site and there wasn’t a core program that tied everything together. Now what’s being taught in the U.K. is the same as what’s taught in Texas.”

Marian works out of Halifax but her team is spread across Ontario, Texas and the U.K. “We’re a global company so we have to think outside of Canada and consider what’s going on in China or the Philippines as well.” That’s why global consistency in training is so important.

Marian’s CareerMash

It’s critical for tech support workers to know the ins and outs of each BlackBerry product so they can help customers with any type of hardware or software problem. Marian’s team makes sure the programs are in place to properly train them. The programs take new hires and all levels of tech support through hands-on labs to show the product’s different technical and operational requirements. “For instance, when we launched the PlayBook, we had to make sure we had labs set up on how to use it. My specific role is to manage that and make sure it happens.”

A Day in the Life

Besides basic training on BlackBerry’s new products and features, Marian also creates training on cool features that technically advanced customers might ask about, such as new GPS features or the Need For Speed game on the PlayBook. “We need to make sure training doesn’t just focus on what the typical customer calls about. We also show tech support tricks they might not have known before. As the manufacturer, we’re the last stop for a lot of questions, so when anyone comes to us, we need to know the answers.”

Different countries use different vendors for BlackBerry’s technology. Marian needs to factor in how all these tech differences may affect customer issues and customer service. She often coordinates calls across multiple time zones to address training issues globally.

“It’s never boring. You deal with something new every day. The training changes because the technology it deals with is constantly changing.”

Why This Job Rocks

“It’s never boring. You deal with something new every day. The training changes because the technology it deals with is constantly changing.”


Marian studied Computer Science at Dalhousie University in Halifax. Her first full-time job was for a call centre supporting HP. She gradually moved up and got more managerial experience and training. When BlackBerry opened in Halifax, Marian came on board as a team leader for operations. “It was more management and less tech and I missed the technology. I didn’t realize how much a part of me tech was until I moved to BlackBerry.”

Tips for success

Highlight the skills you already have on your resume. You can pick up a lot of skills in high school even without job experience like working in groups or individually and giving presentations. School activities give you more skills than you realize.


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