Akshay Kochar

Project Coordinator, Agility Inc.

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As project coordinator, Akshay is the front-line support for clients at Agility which helps a lot of big name companies with their websites...

Akshay majored in digital enterprise management - a combination of business and IT. He landed a great job at Agility the day after he graduated university!


As project coordinator, Akshay is the front-line support for clients at Agility which helps a lot of big name companies with their websites like Cineplex, Oprah Winfrey Network, Doritos and Shoppers Drug Mart. Agility provides a super simple content management system that allows anyone to easily post website content without knowing code or having a technical background. But clients still need Akshay’s support when they run into problems or want complicated features and changes to their websites.

Akshay’s CareerMash

With his mashup of business and IT skills, Akshay finds out everything about what a client needs done, then explains it to a senior developer to make it happen. “I’m the middleman between our developers, project managers and clients.” When there are issues, he figures out whether the client simply missed a step in the process when posting content and images or if there’s a glitch with the software. It would be chaos if client issues went straight to the developers or project managers, especially when they aren’t serious. Akshay solves what he can and only escalates major problems.

A Day in the Life

Akshay works directly with clients to start them on the software and supports them if they need to make further changes to a website. There’s a rule at Agility that every issue needs a response within 30 minutes. Akshay works typical office hours but is also responsible for replying to late night inquiries. “I have remote access at home. If it’s not urgent, I’ll still respond immediately to let the client know we received their request but wait until I’m in the office the next day to investigate what needs to be done.”

Sometimes these investigations take all day and Akshay organizes what’s called the ‘maintenance window.’ Once a week, he assigns a developer to spend three to four hours fixing small bugs on client sites, Agility’s own site or with the content management software. Akshay also manages software Agility uses from other vendors. He makes sure user fees are paid so Agility can continue to use a vendor’s services. “If something on our client’s site messes up because of someone else’s software, it’s still our fault because we’re responsible for everything that’s related to a client’s site.”

Why This Job Rocks

“Agility has a great environment and a great team. Everyone knows the fine line between when we can have fun and when its time to get down to business.” Agility’s meeting room has a flat screen TV and Nintendo Wii. But it’s not all fun and games. Akshay needs to adapt to suit each client’s personality. “The challenge of working with different clients is what I like the most.”


Akshay moved from Ottawa to study accounting at the University of Toronto but quickly switched his major to digital enterprise management, a combination of business management and IT. In fourth year, he was elected vice president of his program’s council. He also got a position at Guardly as an online marketing and social media intern. A professor recommended Agility. Akshay sent them his resume and a brief description of himself. They weren’t hiring but agreed to meet him for coffee. A month later they offered him a position. Akshay graduated university on June 6, 2011. He started at Agility the next day.

Speed Bumps

Akshay has no technical background aside from a few courses he took in university. “I didn’t know how to code or do HTML but I reassured Agility I’d be able to learn anything. I did have to learn some technical things but I have a great team here and a lot of developers helped me.”

Tips for success

Highlight the skills you already have on your resume. You can pick up a lot of skills in high school even without job experience like working in groups or individually and giving presentations. School activities give you more skills than you realize.


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