François Chiasson

Software Developer, Innovatia, Inc.

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“I get to see my work used by clients to improve their day-to-day operations. That’s amazing.”

François stays on top of rapidly changing technologies to provide customers what they need to train their employees - when they need it.

François Career Mash

François customizes software at Innovatia’s Research and Development (R&D) lab in New Brunswick. The company specializes in helping businesses turn ideas into technical documents and training tools. “I get to see my work used by clients to improve their day-to-day operations. That’s amazing.”

François creates custom software applications out of pre-existing systems rather than from scratch. He constantly collaborates with Innovatia’s other programmers to ensure new features and products are just what the client ordered.

A Day in the Life

R&D relies on close collaboration. François has to work closely with other Innovatia developers to deliver projects on time, with the highest quality. When he’s not in the software lab, François is on-site with clients testing their custom software so it works flawlessly when put into everyday use. He’s always looks for ways to make the product better and exceed his client’s expectations.

François’ has to think ahead of the game. When designing software, he creates features that are useful immediately and anticipates needs for the future.

François recently volunteered with an Innovatia community initiative to help a local elementary school redesign their library in time for the first day of school.

Why This Job Rocks

“It’s never boring. You deal with something new every day. The training changes because the technology it deals with is constantly changing.”


François has a bachelor of electrical engineering from Dalhousie University. During his degree, François held three different co-op positions: He was a software developer and created training simulations for the Royal Canadian Navy at Lockheed Martin Canada. He was a student design engineer at the NewPage Port Hawksbury Paper Mill. He worked at the Innovation in Design Laboratory at Dalhousie University on various bio-medically related projects. Since arriving at Innovatia, François has worked closely with senior software developers and information architects to build his expertise.

Tips for Success

Love what you do – If you have a passion for what you do, it will show in the quality of your work and the attitude you bring to your workplace every day. Bring a love of learning to your job – Technology is always evolving so a thirst for knowledge is key. Take time to research. The more you enjoy that aspect of the job, the better your final product will be. Stay current – Make time for personal development to increase your skills. Ask questions –This shows you are motivated and want to do your best work.


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