Divided We Fade, United We Cure!!!

Canada Wide Science Fair
4 September 2013

Harishitaa PrithivirajMy name is Harishitaa Prithiviraj. I'm 14 years old and go to Bible Hill Junior High, Truro, Nova Scotia. I am a grade eight student in the integrated French program. I play piano, soccer, badminton, and guitar and like singing and dancing. I participated in the French speaking competition and was awarded Bronze. I competed in the 2013 NSSAF badminton tournament and made it to provincial finals. I also participated in a number of music festivals since grade five. Also, I have competed in science fair since grade 4. In the 2012 Canada Wide Science Fair I won gold.

When I grow up, I would like to become a pediatrician and a researcher. This is what inspired me for my project. My aim for this project was to see if natural compounds have a synergistic effect with antibiotics that will increase the activity of antibiotics. Such combinations might reduce the development of antibiotic resistance in bacteria. For students who want to do a science project, do something you are interested and something from which you can learn.

Antibiotic resistance in pathogenic bacteria is a worldwide issue. My goal was to test if natural compounds have synergistic effect with antibiotics. Such synergism will enhance the activity of antibiotics and negate the development of antibiotic resistance. Using Caenorhabiditis elegans - Pseudomonas aeruginosa host-pathogen model system I found that curcumin, a chemical constituent of turmeric, significantly potentiated the activity of antibiotics.

Winner of the Platinum Award - Best Junior Project at the Canada Wide Science Fair 2013

Canada Wide Science Fair

The Canada-Wide Science Fair (CWSF®) is a national event that brings together 500 top young scientists (in grades 7-12/Cégep) from across the country to compete for highly prized cash, scholarship, and science experience awards.

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