New compound MnO2+PPy increases redox reactions to improve capacitive behaviour

Lauren ReidMy name is Lauren Reid. My love of knowledge has always driven me to keep asking questions and it is with this drive I complete every aspect of my life. Science and mathematics are a large part of who I am, and I hope to study engineering and management in university. I have really enjoyed competing in science fairs, including 2 national and 2 international science fairs. Music and sports are two of my many interests and I play competitive soccer with a great team, Whitby Iroquois. Hopefully I can continue to play soccer for many years to come. I would also love to earn my private pilot license before I graduate from high school but, for now, I will continue to attack life with passion and curiosity while following my dreams. Helping me with this are my amazing friends and wonderful family.

Recent research is based on the presumption that graphene is the ideal electrode material. However, evidence does not support this presumption. A new material designed in this research, MnO2+PPy, has a higher capacitance and lower resistance, offering more potential. Given the importance of electrochemical supercapacitors in research initiatives, the use of this compound would result in higher capacitance, lower resistance, and less environmental impact.

Winner of the Excellence Award - Gold Medal (Senior) at the Canada Wide Science Fair 2013


Canada Wide Science Fair

The Canada-Wide Science Fair (CWSF®) is a national event that brings together 500 top young scientists (in grades 7-12/Cégep) from across the country to compete for highly prized cash, scholarship, and science experience awards.

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