Hockey and Bacteria Share the Same Bag

Canada Wide Science Fair
6 September 2013

Patrick Bogart & Christopher CusinatoMy name is Patrick Bogart. I am in grade 7 at Upper Canada College in Toronto. I have 4 siblings and 2 dogs. I am an avid hockey player and play for UCC and for the Toronto Marlies at the minor bantam level. The inspiration for this project was a result of reading a newspaper article about a boy who lost his hand from bacterial infection as a result of a dirty hockey glove.

My partner Christopher Cusinato and I wanted to better understand which piece of hockey equipment attracted the most bacteria and what was the most effective cleaning method to get rid of the bacteria. We continue to think through other ways to clean the equipment which may lead to a potential business opportunity. My advice to other students working on projects is to combine the science with an effective presentation to communicate the results. I would also suggest that they select a topic of great interest to them because it can be fun at the same time.

In our project, we carried out experiments to determine which piece of hockey equipment contained the most bacteria, by swabbing the equipment and placing the bacteria in petri dishes. Several cleaning methods were examined to discover the most effective way to eliminate bacteria from the hockey equipment.

Winner of the Excellence Award - Gold Medal (Junior) at the Canada Wide Science Fair 2013


Canada Wide Science Fair

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