Does Turmeric Enhance the Regeneration of Planaria maculata?

Canada Wide Science Fair
6 September 2013

Alim Parhar & Safal ParharMy name is Alim Parhar. I attend University Hill Secondary School and I am in Grade 8. I enjoy reading, biking and playing Ultimate Frisbee in my spare time. My favourite subjects in school are Science, English, and Math. I got interested in science fairs when I was in grade 5, and I did my first one with my sister when I was in grade 6. I have been doing them every year since then, so in other words, this is my third year. This year, I an doing it with my brother, Safal Parhar. This is the first time that either of us have gone to the Canada-wide science fair.

Our project is about if turmeric enhances the regeneration rate of Planaria maculata. Turmeric is a spice that is thought to have special healing qualities. We cut Planaria halves and places them into three different concentrations of turmeric, three concentrations of Polysporin, and one control. We concluded that turmeric does enhances the regeneration of Planaria more than Polysporin and the control.

Winner of the Excellence Award - Gold Medal (Junior) at the Canada Wide Science Fair 2013

Canada Wide Science Fair

The Canada-Wide Science Fair (CWSF®) is a national event that brings together 500 top young scientists (in grades 7-12/Cégep) from across the country to compete for highly prized cash, scholarship, and science experience awards.

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