10 tips to prep your brain for back to school

Heading back to school? Is your brain ready? Check out the following articles & videos for some useful tips and important information to help you keep your brain working at its best while you're studying away!

1) Sleeping your way to good marks

It might feel inconvenient to need so many hours of sleep each day but all this sleeping is not wasted time when it comes to your grades.

2) Why a good night's sleep means a cleaner brain

The brain can do a lot of amazing things. It's even capable of cleaning itself.

3) Working out your brain

If you find yourself lacking in motivation, here's a bit of an incentive to get moving: research suggests exercise not only makes you look good, it also enhances your brain function and makes you smarter!

4) How coffee affects your brain

How much coffee is too much coffee?

5) Is it all Bull?

Although the taurine in Red Bull won't help you write an award winning essay, it looks like there really isn't anything wrong with ingesting it either, as long as you don't overdo it.

6) Overcoming the "Roadblock" of Writer's Block

The science behind why we get Writer's Block and how to over-come it.

7) Studying? You probably should turn off the music

When the time comes to take a test or an exam, does your mind go blank and you completely forget all the facts and figures you spent hours studying?

8) To Test or not to Test

Testing may not be just a way to evaluate students, but actually help them learn. It has been found that testing increases understanding and memory retention.

9) The Science of Productivity

What science tells us about the human brain and productive work - how do we become more efficient at working, and spend less time working overall?

10) The Teenage Brain

What happens in your brain while you go through your teenage years - the reality of which underlies all of the brain-related tips & tricks above!

Jessica Johnston

Jessica Johnston is the Manager for CurioCity & Web Strategy.  She started out in science (biology) before moving to IT, and now works with both! Passionate about promoting the awesome possibilities of both fields, she is also an admitted web geek.

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