Energy4Travel Grade 8 & 9 Mathematics Project

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3 September 2014

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In this mathematics project, students will collect, display and analyze data about their personal use of transportation. This project aligns with data management expectations and outcomes for grades 8 and 9.


How much energy do we use and how much greenhouse gases do we generate through our transportation use?

Suggested Timing:

3 x 30 minute lessons plus time outside class

Materials & Online Resources

Energy4Travel Action Project Home [.html]

Energy4Travel Action Project Video (on CurioCity) [.html]

Interactive whiteboard or data projector and screen

MS Excel (optional)

Graphing tools and/or software

Device with internet access


Let's Talk Science's Energy4Travel Action Project is a national citizen science data collection project. As part of this project, students will be able to collect and analyze data about personal transportation usage by themselves as well as other students across Canada.


  • Subject Focus: Mathematics (Data Management)
  • 21st Century Skills Focus: Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication

Prior Knowledge and Skills

Students should be able to:

  • use programs such as MS Excel to organize data
  • create graphs to display data
  • interpret and analyze data
  • justify/defend results
  • present information in a variety of formats
  • use online learning tools

Success Criteria

Students will:

  • formulate a question or questions for investigation
  • select a population or a sample
  • collect data
  • select, defend, and use the most appropriate methods for displaying data
  • make inferences based on data analysis and data displays
  • draw conclusions from data to answer specific questions
  • evaluate arguments and interpretations that are based on data analysis

Learning Activities

As part of this mathematics project, students use the Energy4Travel online data collection tools, online calculators and graphing options to collect, view, and analyze their own data and the data of students across Canada.

Joining the Project

  • Join the project yourself. This will make you the Group Leader.
  • Create class groups at My Project. The system will generate a unique group code for each class (you will also receive it in an email).
  • Students new to CurioCity? Have your students register individually (if they have not already done so)
  • Provide students with the group code.
  • Have students join the project by entering the group code in the appropriate place.
  • At My Project you can manage groups and group members and sound announcements to your groups.
  • Students are now ready to enter and view data.

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