Do you know the science behind falling in love, kissing, and all those other things associated with Valentine's Day? We've found 10 articles and videos to help catch you up before you go out for your romantic evening!

1) Oxytocin: A messenger of love

Oxytocin, dubbed the love hormone, helps prairie voles stay monogamous. It may work in humans too.

2) Babysitting and love…

Is human love special? Let's take a look at some other "loving" animals.

3) What causes me to have a crush on guys?

The Chemistry of Love involves three stages, and each stage involves different chemical triggers.

4) Love at First Smell

Although it is common to say “he/she is so cute,” researchers have found that smell plays an important role in the art of attraction for both animals and humans.

5) Looking for the one? Ask your nose!

Scientists have found that your nose is very much helping you decide who your partner should be. This phenomenon is linked to our immune system and a part of our body’s DNA known as the major histocompatibilty complex (MHC).

6)The Bliss of a Kiss

About 90% of all human societies participate in some sort of kissing behaviour.

7) What's in a Kiss

Whether you're pecking granny's cheek or tangling tongues with that special someone, there's a lot of biology in a kiss. From lip action to brain power, kissing is a coordinated affair of chemicals, electricity, and fireworks.

8) The DNA in a kiss? (video)

Dr. Dennis McCormac answers 'If somebody shares DNA (sharing drinks/kissing) how long does the other person's DNA stay in your body for?'

9) Is it true that two people can lock braces when kissing?

Is it really possible to lock lips, literally? Well, you can all breathe a little easier now. Locking braces is extremely rare.

10) Flash's dating woes (video)

Flash learns the hard way that science matters in love as it does in everything!

Jessica Johnston

Jessica Johnston is the Manager for CurioCity & Web Strategy.  She started out in science (biology) before moving to IT, and now works with both! Passionate about promoting the awesome possibilities of both fields, she is also an admitted web geek.

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