Earth Day 2015: Clean up your commute

Earth Day 2015 is all about cleaning up your commute, something we've talked a lot about here at CurioCity thanks to the Energy4Travel Action Project. It lets you track the impact of your travel, change your habits, and measure the difference you're making. Here are 10 of our best resources to help you learn more about how to clean up your commute:

1) Vehicle emissions primer

Learn more about how vehicles generate greenhouse gases and contribute to smog.

2) Hybrid cars explained

What makes hybrid cars environmentally friendly? And why are they so fuel-efficient?

3) Energy 101: Electric vehicles (video)

This video highlights the benefits of electric vehicles, including improved fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and lower maintenance costs.

4) Swathi Sadagopan - Electric car motor designer

The goal of Swathi's research project is to design a motor for use in an electric car.

5) Car chemistry: what is a catalytic converter

Catalytic converters reduce emissions of harmful compounds found in car exhaust.

6)Transportation fuel in internal combustion engines

There are many forms of transportation and many sources of energy that enable these forms of transportation to get where they are going.

7) From race cars to our cars: Fuel efficiency primer

Many of the cars today have fuel-saving technologies that were first developed for race cars.

8) The carbon problem: From fossil fuels to greenhouse gases

The average Canadian produces the equivalent of about 20.3 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year, or about the weight of four adult African elephants!

9) What are carbon offsets?

This article explains what carbon offsets are, their pros and cons and what to consider before purchasing a carbon offset

10) Energy4Travel: An introduction (video)

Canadians use a lot of energy for transportation! Find out more in this introductory video for the Energy4Travel Action Project.

And don't forget to check out Energy4Travel and see how your own commute adds up!

Jessica Johnston

Jessica Johnston is the Manager for CurioCity & Web Strategy.  She started out in science (biology) before moving to IT, and now works with both! Passionate about promoting the awesome possibilities of both fields, she is also an admitted web geek.

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