Canadian Mental Health Week: #GetLoud for Mental Health

This week is Canadian Mental Health Week, and to recognize the importance of brain science and maintaining a healthy brain, the team here at CurioCity has compiled a list of some of our best sources for you to learn more about just how important it is to be kind to your cranium.

1) Depression: The Science of Depression (video)

Learn about the biochemistry in your brain and depression in this video from asapSCIENCE.

2) Bullying: Click, Delete Bully

The people working on the e-CIRCUS (Education Through Characters With Emotional-Intelligence And Role-playing Capabilities That Understand Social Interaction) project use virtual characters to sensitize students to bullying.

3) Sociality: Five crazy ways social media is changing your brain right now!

This video from ASAPScience explains five ways in which social media is changing your brain right now.

4) Eating disorders: Why don’t I look like that? Social comparisons and eating disorders

The pressure to obtain the “perfect” body portrayed in the media can contribute to eating disorders.

5) Addiction: UV and Addiction: Compulsive Tanning

Even when people know tanning is bad for their health, they still seem drawn to it in much the same way as addictive drugs.

6)Emotions/Relationships: What causes me to have a crush on guys?

The Chemistry of Love invovles three stages and each stage involves different chemical triggers.

7) Perception/Cognition: The Boy that Echolocates

The amazing story of how a blind child learnt to see, using sound. - See more at:

8) Careers: Child & Youth Mental Health and Addictions Worker

Erik works in a team in program development related to cultural identity and its relationship to resiliency.

9) Brain Tech: Mind-Controlled Quadcopter Demonstrates New Possibilities (video)

Imagine moving objects with your thoughts! Scientists at the University of Minnesota have done just that, controlling a quadcopter with thoughts only. This technology could allow people with disabilities to have much more independence.

10) Basic Brain Science: The Teenage Brain Explained (video)

Scishow explains what happens in your brain while you go through your teenage years!

Bryan Jenkins

Bryan Jenkins works as a Fellow with the CurioCity team. He is an academically trained neuroscientist, and has interests that span across a wide range of scientific topics. His past research has examined the role that molecular and cellular systems have in learning, memory, and sensory abilities. The communication of scientific discoveries through outreach and education initiatives is something that he is very passionate about. In his spare time he likes to read, write, and play his guitar.

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