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Happy World Oceans Day! Below are ten articles, videos, career profiles and research profiles about our oceans, and how we as humans impact them. For more content, search using the keyword "oceans".

1) What you need to know about microbeads - speaking of chemistry

Your toothpaste and face scrub probably get their scrubbing power from tiny plastic beads contained within. What is the environmental impact? How can you limit your use? (2:37 min.)

2) Katherine R. Duncan

I have finished my undergraduate and masters in chemistry (MChem), finished my PhD in Biomedical Sciences and have done a Postdoc in the department of Biotechnology and Biomedicine, now on a second postdoc in marine natural products, next step is lecturer.

3) Ocean Confetti

This video looks at how the features of plastic that makes is so useful to us (cheap, durable and expendable) have resulted in serious issues in the ocean. Addresses both macro and microplastics.

4) Marine plastics pollute every ocean on earth

Scientists estimate that there are more than 5.25 trillion plastic pieces floating on the surface of oceans.

5) Julia Matheson - Bermuda Atlantic Time Series (Bats) Research Technician

Julia collects & analyzes water samples that help in the study of long term trends in open ocean conditions.

6) Stephanie Good - Senior Fisheries Certification Manager

I am responsible for development and maintenance of a fisheries standard, particularly those parts that deal with impacts of fishing on non-target and endangered species. I also work on trying to make the assessment process more efficient so more fisheries and stakeholders can effectively engage in the program.

7) Career Option: Marine Biologist

Ever dreamt of one day becoming a marine biologist? Watch this video and learn more about a career in underwater biology. Who doesn't want an office on the beach?

8) When technology meets deep sea

With NASA moving from space exploration to deep sea exploration, we are sure to discover more and more interesting life down below! Check out these amazing animals that have evolved down at the deepest darkest depths of the sea off the coast of Japan.

9) All about corals and the coral crisis

Coral reefs are natural tourist attractions found in some of the most beautiful vacation spots on earth. However, these reefs offer much greater benefit than simply their tourism value.

10) Ocean balancing act

The oceans and our atmosphere work together to form the Earth's climate. Throw humans into the mix and the debate begins. While the atmosphere quickly adjusts to our changes, the oceans are the world's great moderator.

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Jessica Johnston is the Manager for CurioCity & Web Strategy.  She started out in science (biology) before moving to IT, and now works with both! Passionate about promoting the awesome possibilities of both fields, she is also an admitted web geek.

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