Want summertime to never end? We can't extend the sunshine, but we can bring the science! Check out our top 10 resources about science that worships the sun.

1) Under the Sun - Keeping skin safe in the summer

Summer is now officially upon us, but if you're not careful that golden tan can turn an ugly shade of red. What is actually happening to your skin when it burns?

2) Sunglasses - More than just a fashion choice

Beyond making you look cool, wearing the right pair of shades is crucial to lifelong eye care.

3) The science of sunscreen - by Speaking of Chemistry (video)

Learn about the science behind sunscreen and why buying anything over SPF50 is probably a waste of money

4) To UV or Not to UV, That is The Question

The Canadian Pediatric Society recently said that people under 18 should be banned from using tanning beds. The Canadian Medical Association, the Canadian Dermatology Association, and the World Health Organization all think the same thing.

5)The Biggest Stars in the Universe

See how our Sun compares to some of the biggest known stars in the universe.

6) Entering a Solar Maximum

“Hello?! Can you hear me?” Silence. The call has been dropped. Has this ever happened to you? You might think it was a bad connection. But could it have been something else? The Sun, perhaps?

7) Solar Energy (video)

Hank explains the power of solar energy and describes how it may fit into our diversified energy future.

8) Energy 101 (video)

Animated EnergyNow correspondent "Little Lee Patrick Sullivan" explains the different types of solar devices and how they work, detailing the pros and cons of this renewable energy source (3:24)

9) Canada's first concentrated solar thermal plant (Green Energy Futures) (video)

Medicine Hat, Alberta has built the first concentrated solar thermal energy plant in Canada.

10) How the Sun works: Fusion and Quantum Tunneling (video)

Now that you know about the sun, do you want to learn about quantum tunneling?

Laura Brown

Laura is an Education Specialist with Let’s Talk Science. With a background in agricultural sciences and visual arts, she is interested in most everything, from pigs to Picasso! She developed her love of science and technology from her parents and teachers.

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