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2 September 2014


Amy Castell is from Waterloo, Ontario and a driver in the Toyo Tires Ontario F1600 Championship. After racing four-cycle karts for three years, Amy made her debut in the Toyo Tires open-wheel race car competition in 2012. Her 2013 races earned her the Muriel Knapp Award. You can follow Amy on Twitter @acastell95

Across the world, high performance race cars, like Amy's, speed their way to glory and prize money for their drivers. Like Amy, every driver wants his/her car to make it to the finish line sooner than other drivers. That often means going further on a tank of fuel – what we know as fuel efficiency. Non-race car drivers also want to go as far as possible on the fuel in their cars, which is why many of the cars we see on the road today have fuel-saving technologies that were first developed for race cars. To read more about technologies our cars have inherited from race cars, see the From Race Cars to Our Cars: Fuel Efficiency Primer.

How does a race cars' energy use and greenhouse gas emissions compare to vehicles we drive? Good question! To find out, Amy recorded her data for Let's Talk Science's Energy4Travel action project at her final two races of the 2013 season and a race in 2016. You can view her data below. Discover how the vehicles you travel in compare to Amy's car by participating yourself in this action project and comparing your data to Amy's. The Energy4Travel action project is for Grades 8 to 12 students across Canada. Registration is free and classes can register at any time.


Amy Castell's Race Data

Trip Name Race 1 Race 2 Race 3
Trip Date 28/09/2013 29/09/2013 21/08/2016
Time Of Day Afternoon Afternoon Afternoon
Location Race Track Race Track Race Track
Distance and Duration 59.55 km in 24 min 51.67 km in 24 min 50.5 km in 23.75 min
Weather Warm and Sunny Cool and Overcast Warm and Overcast
Land Vehicle Pathway Road Road Road
Specific Vehicle Type Race Car Race Car Race Car
Fuel/Energy Source Aviation Gasoline Aviation Gasoline Aviation Gasoline
Fuel Consumption 12.5 L 10 L 19 L
Energy From Fuel 419 MJ 335.2 MJ 636.88 MJ
C02  Per Person 29.275 kg 23.42 kg 44.50 kg
CH4  Per Person 0.0275 kg 0.022 kg  0.042 kg
N20  Per Person 0.002875 kg 0.0023 kg  0.0044 kg

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