Is it possible to mix animal and human DNA to have heightened senses, or run faster?

18 April 2013


Is it possible to mix animal DNA (let's say feline, or a cat) with human DNA and the human will still live and grow, with normal functions, the only difference is that the human now has heightend senses, the abliity to run faster and jump higher and see well in the dark?


One major issue with respect to interspecies compatability is the number of chromosomes different eukaryotic organisms have, and the fact that the genes within the chromosomes can be in different order in different places. So trying to mix the genomes of the cat and the frog won't give a cat that likes water. It would be like taking two books and mixing up the pages. The end product will be a mess, and would not be viable.

Answered By: Dr. Richard Sparling


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