What kinds of hands-on activities could be done to show the relevance of genetics?

20 April 2012


Grades 5 and 6 science tends to be very much a hands-on kind of classroom activity but the elementary (Alberta) curriculum as I recall,seems to avoid any discussion of DNA and genetics and unless it has changed, does not have a place for it. Regardless, what kinds of hands-on activities could be done in a elementary classroom to show that this topic is important and relevant.


There are easy ways to pull your own DNA from your salivas and at least show you have it, but that doesn't really get to ideas like: human DNA and fruit fly DNA are different, does it? Having a pair of identical or fraternal twins in a class might be a help, if they were willing to be "experimental subjects" ... but it's a challenge I admit. You might be able to induce mutations in a colony of fruit flies too ..

Answered By: Jay Ingram


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