DNA Day experts answer your questions about DNA replication

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What is the role of DNA in Mitosis?

In mitosis a cell duplicates and makes 2 identical cells. The DNA replicates in this process, making two copies, one of which goes to each cell.

- Answer provided by Dr. Monique Haakensen

Why do small errors occur in DNA DNA Replication?

The human genome is over 3 billion letters long and it needs to be copied each time your cells divide during mitosis - billions of times throughout your life. No copying mechanism is perfect, so errors inevitably happen. The error rate is astoundingly small considering how much DNA DNA Replication happens. One of the most common mistakes the copying machinery makes is when the DNA code it is copying is made up of the same letter of the DNA code over and over.

- Answer provided by Dr. Sean Myles

During termination, is the release factor brought by something like a tRNA or does it come by itself?

The release factor is a protein that recognizes the terminal sequence of translation (tRNA with the sequence "UAG" "UAA" "UGA") and will therefore hydrolyze and release the newly synthesized polypeptide. Therefore, it is not necessary brought about by tRNA but just floating around in the cell looking for the terminal sequence.

- Answer provided by Ethan Yang


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