How many people can the globe really hold sustainably?

21 August 2012

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How many people can the globe really hold sustainably? We passed the 7 billion mark awhile ago and that number just sounds overwhelming...


Great question. but there is no concrete answer. Some people say the earth is at or over it's capacity, while others say the earth can sustain up to 10 billion people! The number of people the earth can sustain depends on the environmental impact or 'footprint' of the people living on the planet. If people take care to reduce carbon emissions, eat locally, recycle, reduce waste and all those other good things, then the earth will be able to sustain more people. If we are able to use science and technology to create more sustainable ways of living, such as cleaner and less expensive forms of energy, we can help the earth sustain more people.

Answered By: Heather Auld


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