Where in the solar system is the constellation hydra located?

23 January 2012

Above: Image © Torsten Bronger


Where in the solar system is the constellation hydra located? Is there a mission to the constellation hydra?


Actually it's kind of tough to answer it. Most constellations are made of some stars that are nearby and some that are really far - so they aren't really all located in the same spot in space. It's kind of like if you look outside the window in a specific direction (let's say east) - you'll see a lot of objects in the direction you are looking at but they are not necessarily close to each other. Some could be just outside the window and some are far on the horizon. The only thing they have in common is that they are in the same direction (east). So we can't really say that the constellation in in particular spot in the universe! Actually the stars in Hydra are outside the solar system, and some even have their own planets turning around them (their own 'solar systems'!) Are we going to reach Hydra soon? Well, the closest star in Hydra is about 20 light years away, which means it would take 20 years, travelling at the speed of light, before we could reach it. That's too far to aim for now (we don't travel anywhere near the speed of light) but who knows what the future holds! If you want to learn more, there is an article about the stars in the constellation Hydra on CurioCity. If you are interested in exploring the night sky a good free software is "Stellarium". You can use it to see how the night sky would look on any day from any location on earth and it will help you find Hydra in the night sky.

Answered By: Isabel


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