Is there an effective and safe weight loss pill?

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What are effective pills for weight loss for a 15 year old who really needs to lose weight fast and safe. i can hardly exercise.


The answer to your question of what weight loss or "diet" pills are effective is extremely common and sought after, as is evident by not only the large variety of products on the market, but also the billions of dollars the industry rakes in from individuals seeking a quick and easy solution. Let's look at the science behind loosing weight. Fat in the body is used to form important membranes and nerve tissues, among other things, and is also used as a source of energy. You've probably heard of calories before, well the term calorie is actually a unit used to measure and describe this type of food/fat energy your body can use as fuel. One pound of fat is equal to about 3500 calories. So in order to lose 1 pound the amount of calories you intake and burn needs to equal 3500. Loosing weight by watching what you eat (calorie intake) and taking part in a health dose of activity everyday (calorie burning), is the only way to safely and effectively lose weight. By making lifestyle changes, or permanent daily changes in the types of foods and activities you partake in, is the only way to loose weight safely and maintain your weight loss. Every person burns a certain number of calories every day just to maintain homeostasis (regulate your temperature, breathing, heart rate etc). One of your body's main goals is to maintain its current state, which is why safe and maintainable weight loss is never quick and easy. If you eat too few calories or exercise to much your body will adjust to maintain your current weight by slowing down your metabolism (the burning of fat and other compounds in your body for fuel). This may not be what you want to hear but the only way to lose weight without your body foiling your plan or being harmed is through changing the amount and type of food you eat and by increasing your activity level. Now remember, you burn calories just by getting out of bed and brushing your teeth! Everything you do in a day requires energy and this energy comes in part from the fat stored within our bodies. You mentioned that you have a hard time exercising and may be concerned with losing weight because of this but increasing the amount of calories your body burns can be as low impact as going for a walk, dancing around while you clean your room, and taking the stairs. In addition, if you aren't able to increase your activity level at all, you can still lose weight just by watching the amount and type of calories you,re eating. In this situation it would be ideal to meet with your family doctor to figure out the base amount of calories your body needs to maintain proper functioning and from there you can work out how much of a daily decrease in intake is healthy to start loosing weight. Different foods have different effects in our bodies and can provide both short and temporary energy as well as longer more sustainable sources. The short and simple answer to your question is that there is an extremely scare amount of documented and scientific proof of the effectiveness of any of the supplements available without a prescription at your local store. It is very important to analyze the source of any claims a company may make about their product as often diet and weight loss pill make large statements about their effect with little to no scientific documentation. Scientific documentation, as in thorough research done on the product taking care to exclude biasing conditions that has been peer reviewed by other scientific sources is the only real way to establish the legitimacy of any cause and effect claim a product may make. Furthermore, these products are not tested on individuals under 18. How they may affect and even harm your body has not been investigated and therefore none are safe to take. When tested in adults most weight loss pills have been found to have a number of unpleasant and dangerous side effects, without proper research one can only imagine how they may affect a young developing body. In addition it is often water weight that is lost by individuals taking weight loss supplements. Water is an important and vital requirement of the body, so as you can imagine, this kind of weight will quickly be regained. The only way to lose weight safely and effectively is by eating healthy and being active.

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