Welcome to the University of Calgary’s Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) Challenge! The event will be a fast-paced, innovative science outreach event unlike any other. 

An annual event spearheaded by the Let’s Talk Science Outreach Program, the Science, Engineering and Technology Challenge pits teams of students against one another in friendly competition – and, in the process, offers students countless opportunities to network, collaborate and investigate – and win great prizes and support for their school science departments in the process!

Event Details

The 11th annual University of Calgary Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) Challenge is scheduled for Saturday June 3rd, 2017 on the University of Calgary’s main campus.

An annual initiative of Let's Talk Science at the University of Calgary, the SET Challenge is a science competition based on the popular reality TV series, the “Amazing Race”. As a real-time race, the competition is comprised of numerous science based challenge stations that are designed to test the students’ aptitude and problem solving skills. The event inspires teamwork, friendly competition, and enthusiasm for science, engineering and technology education. The SET Challenge is the single biggest science outreach initiative undertaken by Let's Talk Science at the University of Calgary - attracting over 200 student participants and engaging numerous academic and community groups.

Aimed at a high school student demographic, the Challenge motivates students to new levels of effectiveness and accountability as they progress academically and personally. The Challenge encourages teamwork and cooperation amongst students who will be working in teams of six with a teacher chaperone from their “home” school. All major science areas covered in Alberta high school curriculum will be represented at the event, with major group-based events in biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics.


Benefits to Participation

The Challenge presents students with the opportunity to interact with undergraduate, graduate, and faculty volunteers. From a networking perspective, this is an invaluable experience for those considering post-secondary studies in a science-related field. Useful information will also be made available to students at the event regarding programs offered in related disciplines at the University of Calgary. In addition, students who take part in the Challenge will have the chance to see critical parts of the U of C campus firsthand and learn their way around one of Calgary’s most exciting and well-known landmarks.

As an additional motivator for students, several exciting prizes will be available to potential winners throughout the day itself, including a significant financial award to the winning school’s science program and individually-awarded prizes for the winning teams. All students will have an opportunity to hear from a distinguished professional from the science and engineering discipline and will also take-part in a booth exhibition over lunch.

Steps to Participating

Register on the following Let’s Talk Science Outreach at the University of Calgary website: Register on the following Let’s Talk Science Outreach at the University of Calgary website: http://outreach.letstalkscience.ca/ucalgary/local-programs/on-campus-events/set-challenge


The Science, Engineering and Technology Challenge owes a great deal to our current and past community partners and sponsors. Each of these groups has contributed in some way to the success of the Challenge’s central premise to date – and, in doing so, has helped to advance the cause of science advocacy and outreach in Calgary.

  • University of Calgary
  • Let's Talk Science
  • University of Calgary Graduate Students Association
  • University of Calgary Student Union

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