Exploring Mars (in honour of the release of The Martian)

To celebrate the release of Ridley Scott’s film The Martian, we’re highlighting some resources on CurioCity that can help you learn more about the challenges of getting to and exploring Mars. Although Mark Watney, the astronaut stranded in the film, doesn’t grow tomatoes on Mars (spoiler alert!), the Tomatosphere program is all about growing plants in space.

1) Could we actually live on Mars?

This video from ASAPScience looks at whether or not humans could actually colonize planet Mars.

2) Human needs in space

Learn about what a human needs to survive in space in this sky science backgrounder.

3) The challenges of deep space exploration

Exploring deeper into space will mean addressing the problems posed by space radiation and microgravity.

4) The power behind space missions

In the future, space travel could rely on energy sources such as nuclear fission, fusion, and matter-anti-matter annihilation.

5) Space Travel and Bone Loss

Methods are being developed to help slow and possibly even prevent bone loss during space travel.

6) LDSD: We Brake for Mars (Part 1)

How do you test a giant parachute designed to land a rover on Mars? This NASA test involved a helicopter, a one-kilometer-long rope, and a rocket sled!!

7) Getting Curiosity onto Mars

On August 5, 2012, NASA will land its latest robotic exploration craft, the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity, in the Gale Crater on the surface of Mars. This video shows how they plan to do it.

8) Astronomy 101 : How to Explore

Learn the various ways that we explore Space around us through this Sky Science backgrounders.

9) Aerospace Engineer

Over the course of his career, Eric has spent his time in the space industry doing a wide variety of cool things.

10) Senior Mechanical Systems Engineer

Paul is an engineer working in space robotics, using science and math to solve people's problems.


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