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Let’s Talk Cancer at the University of Ottawa is a FREE one-day event for Grade 11 and 12 students hosted by Let’s Talk Science at the University of Ottawa and the Canadian Cancer Society’s Research Information Outreach Team (RIOT). This symposium will include speakers from many different cancer fields, including a surgeon, a cancer survivor and many cancer researchers!

Let’s Talk Science at the University of Ottawa will also be offering a classroom workshop to prepare students for the symposium.

Through the interactive workshop students’ will learn the basics of cancer biology, along with associated risk factors and current treatment options. Students will also learn how new biotherapies are developed, and will design their own biotherapy through a hands-on activity. To complete the workshop students will participate in a class discussion about ethical issues that may arise from the research process.

To book your classroom workshop, please contact Richard Jung. To register for the Let's Talk Cancer Symposia please use the online form below.

Event Details

Date: April 29th, 2016
Location: Roger Guindon Hall (451 Smyth Rd., University of Ottawa)

Let’s Talk Cancer is a series of full-day symposia for secondary students that explores the use of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) as an integral part of cancer research. The day includes seminars from research professionals along with a variety of activities designed to involve students with a hands-on understanding of how STEM contributes to advancements in cancer research.


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Let's Talk Science Let's Talk Science

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Avatar  Micheal McNeill

Hello Richard. What are the start and end times for this event?

Avatar  Richard Jung

Good morning Kim, if you could contact me at Richard.Jung@uottawa.ca - we could definitely discuss the possibility of having your students join us for the conference! Have a wonderful day.

Avatar  Kim Brisebois

Dear sir or mam, I teach science to grade 10 students of the International Baccalareate program. Although we don't meet the age criteria for Let's Talk Cancer, these are very motivated and curious students. We have also participated in the Stem Cell Talks for over five years. I would like to organize a in class presentation for two groups of students followed by a possible participation in the symposium.