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Scientists and engineers around the world have worked hard to develop technologies that harness natural energy resources in sustainable and affordable ways. One of the challenges of using clean sources of energy like wind and solar power is that they depend on local weather conditions. And humans can’t do much to control the weather.

As a result, there are times when energy production exceeds energy needs and other times when energy production falls short of energy needs. For example, Ontario sometimes gives away extra energy produced during off-peak hours. In some cases, it will even pay neighbouring states or provinces to take its extra energy.

Being able to store excess energy could solve this problem, But the necessary technologies don’t currently exist. Fortunately, Canadians like Annette Verschuren are working to develop a growing energy storage sector. Annette’s company, NRStor, uses science and technology to develop energy storage solutions that will help make clean and sustainable energy more practical and affordable.

To learn more about how the development of clean energy storage technologies could benefit the economy, the environment and rural communities, read Annette’s column in the Globe and Mail: Energy storage: It’s Canada’s moment.

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