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Talk Energy Week, presented by Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation’s (CMSTC) Let’s Talk Energy program,is a national energy awareness week devoted to people learning and talking about energy systems, sources and use.

Why Energy?

Why a week devoted to energy awareness? Look around you – energy is everywhere! And how we make it, how we move it, and how we use it are questions that are critical to our economic, social and environmental well-being. The choices each one of us makes will affect our own lives, and those of future generations. But there are no simple solutions. The more informed our choices are, the better the outcomes. 

For more about energy systems in Canada, check out the CurioCity featured topic Spotlight on Energy.


During Talk Energy Week, the CSTMC is hosting a webinar on Wednesday February 24th at 1pm EST. They will be live broadcasting the presentation to students in schools across the country. There will also be students in the studio who will be watching the presentation and asking questions. They will be taking questions from students and over social media. The theme is Canada's Energy Future: How can Canada move to a prosperous and sustainable future? The presenters will be students (Master’s and Ph.d. candidates) from Positive Energy at Ottawa University. They are doing some interesting work on social acceptance of the Canadian energy system, how it relates to the environment as well as how Canada got to where it is today because of its energy resources.

Links to the talks:


To find out about the energy impact and environmental footprint of your transportation use, check out the Energy4Travel action project on CurioCity. This citizen science project emphasizes data-driven decision making which is key to making informed choices.

Talk Energy Week is a great time to collect data and make an action plan for reducing the energy consumption and greenhouse gases emissions from the vehicles in which you travel.

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