The uOttawa and Carleton Let’s Talk Science sites are excited to organize, for the first time, a one-day CSI themed symposium for Grade 9 and 10 students across Ottawa. The symposium held on May 6th 2016 from 9AM – 3:45 PM at the University of Ottawa campus will provide students with the opportunity to conduct a crime scene investigation by collecting and analyzing evidence along with interacting with experts within the CSI field in order to correctly identify the suspect(s) of the crime. This will be followed by a number of guest speakers who will discuss their research and role in the field.

Field experts and CSI roles the students will be exposed to include crime laboratory analysts, forensics scientists, ballistic experts, trace experts and researchers in criminology, psychology and forensic psychology. The students will spend the morning gathering information and consulting experts within the field. This will be followed up with an afternoon session where students will analyze the evidence and form a report with their findings that identify the suspect. The day will conclude with a number of researchers who study CSI-related topics such as assessing legal reliability of statistical, science and expert evidence in courts, and understanding how witnesses recall events and the processes they use to do so.

This hands-on event is meant to simulate a real crime scene as closely as possible and will expose students to a variety of jobs that are not necessarily associated with the STEM streams. The symposium is meant to increase the students’ awareness of school and job opportunities that are available to them, all while they participate in a fun day-long event of whodunit!

We are limiting the enrolment to 4 students per class at this time as space is limited. Should space open up so more students from your class can attend we will let you know closer to May 6th.


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