What is Earth Week?

Earth Week is a week in April that encompasses Earth Day (April 22). Throughout the week, students are encouraged to participate in activities focused on environmental issues. On CurioCity there are many articles, videos and backgrounders on environmental topics such as climate change. There are also many career profiles for people who are making a difference to the environment. Click on the Earth & Environment category to see all that we have to offer.


Earth Week is a great time to check out the Energy4Travel Action Project on CurioCity. This citizen science data collection project involves collecting and analyzing data about everyday transportation use and making plans to reduce environmental impact. This project emphasizes data-driven decision-making, which is key to making informed choices.

One way that teachers can implement Energy4Travel is to have students collect baseline data about their transportation use a few weeks before Earth Week and then brainstorm ways to reduce their transportation use. During Earth Week students can implement their reduction plans and again collect data. They will then be able to compare their data to find out if their action plans actually made a difference.

For ideas on ways to reduce your environmental impact from transportation, check out Earth Day Canada and the David Suzuki Foundation.

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