September 8, 2016 marks the 50th anniversary of the first voyage of the starship Enterprise and its crew in Star Trek. How much of Star Trek and other sci-fi movies and shows are science and how much is fiction? Check out these top resources on the science behind popular fiction from Star Trek to zombies.

1) Restoring Sight: From Star Trek to Medical Science

Most people depend on sight more than any other sense to interact with the world. But millions of people worldwide are either blind or have impaired vision. Fortunately, modern medicine is finding ways to improve and even restore sight!

2) Time Travel: Only Possible in Hollywood?

Countless TV shows, movies, and books have explored the wonderful idea of moving back and forth through time.

3) How to Build a Starship

Ever wonder how to build a spaceship? There are a lot of things to consider, but thankfully Michio Kaku is here with some of his ideas to help.

4) Sleep Science in Inception

Christopher Nolan’s movie Inception, has raised many questions about how dreams work and what is possible while dreaming. While we can monitor the brain activity of dreamers, relatively little is known about the content or purpose of dreams.

5) The Martian - Review by Robert Thirsk

The Martian may have been one of the biggest hit movies of 2015, but what did real astronauts think of it? Read former CSA astronaut Robert Thirsk's review to find out!

6) Star Wars Tech: The Physics of Death Stars and Lightsabers

Would developing Star Wars technologies actually require breaking any laws of physics? Surprisingly, the answer is often no.

7) The Science Behind Super-thin Invisibility Cloaks

Is invisibility real? Kind of. By manipulating your perception of how light rays interact with an object, you can see around or through the object.

8) Zombie Apocalypse Science

This video from ASAP Science explains the science behind zombies.

9) John Rosengrant - Owner, Legacy Effects

John designs and create characters & Live Action Animatronic and Prosthetic Effects for Film, Television and Commercials

10) The Physics of Science Fiction: Radiation Part 1

This video from SpreadingtheMuse looks at the different types of radiation and how the ways that radiation’s effects are (usually) misrepresented in popular culture often lead to misconceptions (view part 2).

Victoria Gluch


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