Ever dream of flying around with your very own jet pack? Well, science fiction finally meets reality! Jet Pack International (Jet P.I.) has developed a personal jet pack and it'll be available for purchase on December 11th, 2007.

Previously, jet packs used hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) as a propellant. One problem with H2O2 is that the amount of fuel a person could carry only gives about 30 seconds of flight time, which is hardly practical.

This is no longer a limitation now that Jet P.I. has developed a jet pack named the T-73. It runs on jet fuel, allowing a flight time of 9 minutes and a top speed of 133 km/h! That's enough juice to move you a distance of 45 km, a huge improvement from the measly 500-metre limit of hydrogen peroxide jet packs. It seems the day when we can all fly to school and work is finally in sight!

Price: $200,000 USD

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Tony Lim received his BSc in Pharmacology from the University of British Columbia (Vancouver, BC) and is now pursuing an MSc at McGill University (Montreal, QC), also in the field of Pharmacology. He loves science and is very passionate about it – he chose to study pharmacology because he hopes that one day he can create drugs that improve the lives of the ill and save lives. When he’s not busy at research, he’s often found playing badminton, volleyball or reading manga.

Tony Lim

I am a graduate student pursuing a PhD in the neuroscience program at McGill University. In addition to neuroscience, my scientific interest and background lies in the field of pharmacology. When not at the lab, I enjoy playing volleyball, badminton, snowboarding and playing electric guitar with the band in my spare time.

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