Microsoft Surface Computing

Genie Leung
23 January 2012

Microsoft has unveiled a brand new computer that brings to mind the futuristic devices seen in the movies.

The advanced “surface computing” interface allows one to manipulate images, videos, and other digital files with the touch of your fingers. While it mimics hands-on control of physical objects, there are the added benefits of digital media manipulation, such as photo resizing, rotating 3-dimensional objects, video playback, and digital graphics design and editing.

The computer can interact through a wireless connection to external devices, including cell phones and digital cameras. By placing these devices directly on the touchscreen, digital files can be transferred with the swipe of your finger.

Also impressive is the “multi-touch technology”, that allows a single user to use both hands to manipulate multiple objects, and several users to engage the touchscreen simultaneously.

This technology is being marketed to retailers and hotels for 2008. But don’t be surprised if you see multi-touch surface technology in your home one day!

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