Do you like camping out, but are frustrated by not having enough light to see at night? Well, here’s a product you might be interested in.

(a) Solar panels hang on the outside of the Eureka tent by day, and (b) charge a LED light for interior illumination at night

The Eureka Solar Intent comes with a solar powered LED light that charges during the day to provide lighting at night. This large 11’x11’, 6½’ high tent is perfect for family camping, with a sturdy 2-pole frame, easy setup, and plenty of room to sleep 6 people.

Following 8 hours of charging, the light can provide up to 8 hoursof continuous night-time lighting. No more need to hold a flashlight while reading or playing cards; the single unit solar panel and lighthangs from the ceiling of the tent at night. You can also use the unit as a battery charger for AAA batteries. Price: $240 USD.

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Genie has a Ph.D. in medical genetics and protein biochemistry from the University of Toronto, and currently works for a breast cancer research group. When not in the lab, she spends her spare time cooking exotic cuisine and camping on the Bruce peninsula.

Genie Leung

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