Imagine playing your favourite video game, and the entire world is in 3-D, popping right out of your monitor.

The iZ3D monitor for PCs creates 3-D effects by mimicking the mechanics of human sight. In everyday life, you perceive objects in 3-dimensions when your brain simultaneously processes two different images: one from each eye. The iZ3D technology uses this idea by displaying two images at the same time, and the stereo glasses superimpose the images to achieve a 3-D effect... learn more.

While 3-D viewing isn’t yet available for movies, the monitor supports more than 60 video games, as well as 3-D imaging software (for all you future engineers out there!). The 3-D viewing option can also be turned off for regular 2-D applications.

There are several styles of glasses to choose from, and the monitor comes in 17” and 22” sizes. Price: ~$1000 US.

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Genie has a Ph.D. in medical genetics and protein biochemistry from theUniversity of Toronto, and currently works for a breast cancer researchgroup. When not in the lab, she spends her spare time cooking exoticcuisine and camping on the Bruce peninsula.

Genie Leung

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