Fingers sore after hours of video games? Suffering from gamer’s thumb? Slow reaction time holding you back from racking up the high score? Say no more. Controlling your video game character through your fingers is a thing of the past, or so the people at Emotiv Systems would have you believe.

Video games have traditionally been reliant on manual input, whether through a joystick, keyboard, or Wii remote. That meant your brain had to deal with a middleman - your hands. The Project Epoc headset skips that step and reads your brain directly.

Thoughts and actions have long been known to emerge from your brain as electrical signals. These signals can be read by scientists using electroencephalography or EEG. This wireless headset takes EEG to the next level by attempting to read your specific thoughts and emotions, then translating them to the gaming screen.

Set to be released in 2008.

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Mike is a tennis instructor in Toronto and starting law school at McGill. He also volunteers with the SciHigh program at Mt. Sinai Hospital, which brings cool science experiments to students in Grades 2-12. Interested in seeing glow-in-the-dark mice or carrying out a CSI DNA fingerprinting experiment? Check out SciHigh if you’re in the greater Toronto area!


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