DNA Barcoding

23 September 2016

DNA barcoding is a tool that scientists use to classify organisms, but it has many other applications including detecting food fraud, catching poachers, and preserving species diversity.

1) What's Really on Your Plate? DNA Barcoding and Food Fraud

Thanks to DNA barcoding, it’s now possible to detect exactly what's on your plate.

2) DNA Day Experts Answer Your Questions About Taxonomy and Dna Barcoding

This DNA Day question was answered by Ethan Yang

3) Disease Hunters: DNA Barcoding and Epidemiology

DNA barcoding is helping in the fight against diseases like malaria, sleeping sickness, and avian influenza.

4) Will That Be a Horse Burger or a Donkey Burger?

How would you like to find out that the burger you just ate or the lasagna mom served for supper last night was made with horsemeat? Or, better yet, donkey meat?

5) Go Barcoding! Filling the Stadium of Life

DNA barcoding is a new approach to taxonomy, the classification and naming of groups of living things according to shared characteristics.

6) The Classification of Life: From Linnaean Taxonomy to DNA Barcoding

Learn about the ways that we've learned to classify the life around us in this latest Biotech backgrounder!

7) Barcodes of Life: Global Biodiversity Challenge

This animated video explains how DNA barcoding is being conducted around the world and describes the findings of various student barcoding projects.

8) Putting a Price Tag – and a Barcode – on Species Conservation

DNA barcoding is one tool with the potential to make the work of conservation scientists both easier and less expensive.

9) Preserving Aquatic Resources One Barcode at a Time

The problem: How to police fish quotas and bycatch, as well as the mislabeling and substitution of fish species. The solution: DNA barcoding!

10) Snaring Poachers With DNA Barcoding

Scientists can help enforce wildlife laws and regulations using a technique called DNA barcoding.


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