Have you ever destroyed your keyboard by accidentally spilling a drink on it? Do crumbs get stuck under the keys? Not with the i.Tech Virtual Keyboard.

This device produces a laser image of a full sized standard computer keyboard on your table. Type on the image (maximum 400 characters per minute) as you would wth a regular keyboard. But instead of mechanical buttons, the Virtual keyboard interprets keystrokes using an innovative infrared laser-based detection system. There are even keystroke sounds to complete your virtual experience.

Ideal for the traveler, the single unit laser projector and sensor device is portable (about the size of a small chocolate bar), and can interface with your cell phone, BlackBerry, or Palm Pilot via a wireless connection. The rechargeable battery can last for more than 2 hours of typing. Price: ~$180 (US).

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Genie has a Ph.D. in medical genetics and protein biochemistry from the University of Toronto, and currently works for a breast cancer research group. When not in the lab, she spends her spare time cooking exotic cuisine and camping on the Brucepeninsula.

Genie Leung

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