Celestron's SkyScout

Stan Megraw
23 January 2012

The SkyScout from Celestron is like having a planetarium in the palm of your hand. It's not a telescope and it doesn't magnify objects. But it does a whole lot more.

Using Global Positioning (GPS) technology and other sensors linked to a built-in database, this 16 ounce device can identify nearly all visible celestial objects in the sky. Just "point and shoot". Wonder where the Andromeda galaxy is tonight? Just choose "M31" from the menu and blinking arrows will lead you to the right spot.

The SkyScout can also tell you the best objects to view on a particular night, depending on the time of year and your global location. A built-in field guide provides text display and audio information about the stars, comets and planets; even the astronomers who discovered them. A USB port can be used to upload additional guide information.

Stan Megraw

Stan is a writer/researcher, a PhD graduate of McGill University and was a member of the CurioCity team for several years. As a kid he dreamed of playing hockey in the NHL then becoming an astronaut with NASA. Instead, he ended up as an environmental research scientist. In his spare time Stan enjoys working on DIY projects, cooking and exploring his Irish roots.

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