The first remote control for TVs was developed in 1950 and was connected to the television set by a wire. Today, most controllers use infrared technology (IR) to operate electronic devices. Now there is an amazing new remote on the market that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

The Kymera Magic Wand is a universal remote control that looks like a prop from a Harry Potter movie. Instead of pushing buttons, you use hand gestures to operate the Magic Wand. Flicking the wand up or down let’s you channel surf. The volume can be controlled by rotating it left or right. In fact, the Magic Wand can perform 13 functions just like a regular controller.

Is it actually magic? Not really. The wand uses something called accelerometer technology.

Price: $86 (CDN)

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Stan Megraw

Stan is a writer/researcher, a PhD graduate of McGill University and was a member of the CurioCity team for several years. As a kid he dreamed of playing hockey in the NHL then becoming an astronaut with NASA. Instead, he ended up as an environmental research scientist. In his spare time Stan enjoys working on DIY projects, cooking and exploring his Irish roots.

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