Project Overview

How does your indoor environment affect your well-being on Earth? What conditions need to be maintained in space to keep astronauts alive and well?

Astronauts are spending longer and longer periods of time on space stations, preparing to travel on long-duration spaceflights and eventually live in space colonies, maybe on Mars! To support further space exploration, we need to understand how to monitor the impacts of environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, light and atmospheric gas levels that sustain human mental and physical health. This action project is a step towards those goals!

The Optimal Environmental Conditions for Life Action Project will have students explore the issue of optimal environmental conditions for both the International Space Station as well as their own classroom on Earth. They will also investigate how environmental factors influence mental and physical health, determine the ideal conditions for healthy habitation and develop skills in computational thinking.


Let’s Talk Science is working with the Canadian Space Agency and Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques, who has been assigned to a six-month mission aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

Canadian Space Agency - Agence spatiale canadienne
David St. Jaques, Canadian Astronaut, David St Jacques, astronaute candienne

Coming Soon! Fall 2018

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