I spy… a mobile webcam!

Genie Leung
23 January 2012

It’s like your own little spy robot. WowWee™ took your run-of-the-mill immobile computer mounted webcam and went a giant step further. Rovio™ is a nifty little mobile robot webcam that you can control from virtually anywhere.

A little bit bigger than a football, Rovio’s sleek design and WiFi connectivity let you cruise this little space-aged robot around your home using your laptop, cell phone, or any device that is internet accessible. You’re in complete control of the wheel while you use it to chase your cat, watching in real time with Rovio’s continuous streaming video. Additional built-in audio capabilities lets you vid-chat with anyone in the room.

Rovio also uses an innovative “TrueTrack” infrared-based GPS-like navigation system. This enables the bot to independently triangulate its position in your house, go to preprogrammed locations, and even return to its docking station when its batteries are low.


Rovio has been on the market for a while, and you can pick up the latest version for just under $300 CDN. Learn more here.

Genie Leung

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